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Who is the Financial Institution Team?

Frank R. Simon founded the firm and formed the Financial Institution Team in 1998. He left one of Michigan's largest law firms with a commitment to provide quality, aggressive, cost-effective, result-oriented legal services to financial institutions. When the Team started, there was one other attorney. The Team continues to grow. The Financial Institution Team has distinguished itself from other banking firms by focusing on personal, quality service, with the ultimate goal of achieving cost-effective results for the client.

Mission Statement

The Financial Institution Team's mission is to provide superior quality and creative legal solutions with a personal touch and a result-oriented approach to matters. The Team will act as a partner with respect to a client's goals and business decisions. We will earn each client's loyalty and trust through honesty, open communication, responsiveness, cost-effective results, and hard work. Our goal will be to exceed our clients' expectations in every aspect.

Vision Statement

The Financial Institution Team will continue to unite aggressive, hard working, responsive, skilled attorneys and legal staff who all share the desire to exceed and provide cost-effective results for our clients under a cooperative and rewarding environment. Our vision is to become a full service National Banking Firm that exceeds our clients expectations.


The Financial Institution Team is a unique group of talented attorneys and support staff who share a commitment to:

  • open, honest communication within the firm;

  • a setting where each attorney and support staff member becomes an important part of the Financial Institution Team;

  • a setting where each person plays a key role in the success of the Team;

  • a setting which encourages and rewards the contribution of each person's own strength and experience;

  • an aggressive, cost-effective, and result-oriented approach with personal and superior service in all legal matters;

  • uphold legal ethics, mutual respect, honesty, and trust in dealings within the firm and all clients of the firm; and

  • a setting where everyone continues to find opportunities to better the Team and the firm.

Our Financial Institutions Legal Team specializes in servicing banks and financial institutions. Our highly skilled team is committed to serving your needs and brings a unique combination of expertise and industry knowledge in the following areas:

  • Commercial Lending Litigation

  • Loan Workouts and Bankruptcies on Behalf of Creditors

  • Loan Documentation

  • Consumer Lending/Collections

  • Bank Litigation

  • Secured Creditors Rights

  • Unsecured Creditor's Rights

  • Mortgage Foreclosures and Collections

  • Lender Liability Defense

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Issues

  • Negotiable Instruments-Check Cases

Simon PLC focuses on personal client service. We are aggressive and determined to get you results!

For more information, please contact Frank R. Simon

Financial Institutions' Team  (select attorney for full profile)

Frank R. Simon Steven A. Morris
Anthony J. Aragona III
Attorney Cynthia Brody Cynthia I. Brody Alan Costello
Daniel J. Feko

Wienna Hamilton Maura McKeever
Paul F. McNamara Craig T. Mierzwa
Marjan Neceski James R. Pittacora
John W. Polderman Melgene Castillo Shoemake
David A. Stephen John D. Stoddard
Richard Thompson Kenneth L.Urwiller, II
Eric Wainer


Our team will "SIMON-EYES" your files with their:

  1. KNOWLEDGE - Our attorneys and staff are knowledgeable in the banking industry. Our Team includes attorneys who have been representing banks for numerous years. Frank Simon is enrolled in the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin to further enhance his knowledge of banking.

  2. SKILL & EXPERIENCE - The Financial Institution Team consists of highly experienced attorneys who skillfully represent financial institutions.

  3. JUDGMENT - Our attorneys possess superior judgment and understand the strategy and decision making process on a case by case basis. We understand when business decisions need to be made instead of legal decisions. We understand when economic decisions need to be made, and we also understand when decisions need to be made on principle.

  4. REPUTATION - The Team's reputation speaks for itself. We have obtained our banking clients by word of mouth, as evidenced in the testimonial letters we have on file for your review.

  5. SPEED - The policy instituted by Frank Simon is that any and all files received in our office must be reviewed within two days of receipt and usually investigations are conducted and demand letters sent out within the first two days. We have an in-house process server/runner available to pick up files and file suit at a moments notice.

  6. ACCESSIBILITY - All clients are invited to call, e-mail or fax the attorneys and are provided with the office and cell phone numbers of the attorneys.

  7. RESPONSIVENESS - It is our policy that a client's telephone call is returned the same day and no later than 24 hours. We welcome and invite any comments or questions and respond to the same immediately. We will provide you with daily and monthly updates on all your matters at no charge. According to the American Corporate Counsel Association, it is reported that 33% of corporations fire outside law firms for lack of responsiveness.

  8. RESULTS - "Results" is one of our main objectives. We have built our reputation on obtaining results for our clients. We seek to obtain all attorney fees and costs incurred on a file, in addition to the debt. It is not good enough that we are experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, obtaining results for you must be the ultimate objective. According to the American Corporate Counsel Association, it is reported that 22% of corporations fire outside law firms for lack of results.

  9. GUARANTY - Frank R. Simon personally guarantees your satisfaction and promises to "Simon-Eyes" your files.


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